4 tips for proper beard care and maintenance

1-Cleanliness is key for proper beard care
Neglect has consequences. If your morning routine is just a quick splash of water over your face, your beard may complain that it isn’t getting enough attention. Keep facial hair looking and smelling pleasant by shampooing it when you take a shower, and adding a touch of conditioner if your hair is coarse or rough.

2. When caring for a beard, remember that it’s always on the move
The first thing is to recognize that your beard and mustache are always growing, so your perfectly trimmed facial hair is always just a few short days away from a return to the wild. The general rule with beard care is that the shorter the hair, the more often it needs to be trimmed. If you have a closely-trimmed style, make time every other day to keep it sharp. If you have a full beard, once or twice a week may be enough.

3. Get the right beard care tools for the job
If you’re serious about caring for your beard (and looking good) your bathroom toolkit should include a trimmer (including a trimmer comb and a precision attachment) and a rotary shaver. Some tools have several different features, enabling you to do more than one job with the same device.

4.Tame unruly facial hair with a few beard care products
Facial hair is fairly unique. For some men, it grows neatly downwards, while for others it rebelliously sticks straight out. If yours does the latter, dab on some beard oil and comb the hairs downwards to take the edge off as part of your daily beard care. Beard oil softens the hairs, while pomade can be used to shape your beard or mustache into your chosen style. You don’t have to fill your bathroom with dozens of expensive products – just cover the basics.

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